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Records and tapes transferred to digital CDs

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LPs, 45s, 78s, cassettes, MiniDiscs, open reel tape, even radio transcription discs transferred

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You need my services if...

  • You have a collection of favorite old records or tapes, but don't have a turntable or tape player anymore.
  • You want to archive a decaying record or tape collection before it becomes too late.
  • You have been waiting for that favorite old album to be released on CD, but it looks like it never will be.
  • You have a rare or unusual recording that needs archiving to digital format by an experienced professional engineer.

For prices, go to the price list page. Downloadable MP3 files of transfer demos can be found on the MP3 samples page.

I can also accommodate special needs that do not fit into neat categories. If you have any questions, please call 1-212-666-2257 for a free consultation.




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Transfer to CD with minimal restoration:
The record or tape is transferred to a computer audio workstation. A pass of declicking and/or dehissing is done, if necessary. Track markers are placed for each selection and a CD is burned from the resulting file. A slim jewel case with an insert listing the tracks on the CD is provided. A full size standard jewel case with front and back inserts is an extra cost option. A scan of the album cover, printed in color on the front insert, is another option that can be requested. (See the MP3 samples page for some examples.)

Custom manual restoration:
This option is primarily for restoring records in poor condition, or for preparing records or tapes for commercial release. This can be detailed, time-consuming work, and normal hourly studio rates apply. (See the price list page.) For the average person desiring the transfer of some personal LPs or tapes, this option may be overkill. Record companies, institutional libraries, and people salvaging rare or important recordings will appreciate this service, as well as my ability to handle unusual media like 16 inch radio transcription discs, or open reel tapes made with Dolby B or DBX noise reduction encoding.

Non-commercial tapes:
These tapes, often of family events, meetings, school music performances, etc., do not fit neatly into categories the way commercial recordings do. With non-commercial tapes I charge per minute of material transferred (see the price list page), with minimal restoration included if necessary. If extensive restoration is needed, my rates for custom manual restoration apply.

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