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This page contains an utterly biased selection of mostly audio-related links. My criteria for selection include redeeming social value (i.e., content that is educational, not just advertising, etc.) and fun-factor (totally subjective). I have tried to avoid sites that are pure commercial puffery, or that download like molasses over a standard modem connection. (Where this slowness is unavoidable, I warn you.) I shall be adding links to this page from time to time.

Naturally, I cannot guarantee that the contents of other sites will be as advertised, or even that the links will all work. If you notice that a link is broken, drop me a note.


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  • -Only 2.5 million books to choose from, helpful reviews, good customer service... (alright, they do push a lot of cookies at your browser).
  • Audio Engineering Society -links to many audio related areas as well as news about conventions of the AES, technical papers that can be purchased online, etc.
  • AES--New York Section The New York branch of the AES--news of monthly meetings, etc.
  • Adobe Acrobat Free Reader -for viewing PDF (portable document format) files.
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B, C

  • Belden-wire and cable manufacturer. Excellent information on cable installation requirements.
  • Caruso Music -pro audio dealer, selling both new and used equipment, in New London, CT.
  • Cakewalk Music Software Home Page -links to software and midi companies, downloads of updates, etc.
  • CAUCE (Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial E-mail) - articles about "spam" and how to combat it.
  • Eddie Ciletti Home Page -the columnist for Mix magazine also runs a recording equipment repair service. This site is a mine of infomation about such things as aligning DAT machines, baking analog tapes, building your own mic-pre, etc. Recommended.
  • Columbia University in the City of New York
  • Community Loudspeakers-if you need REALLY BIG horn loudspeakers--plus good articles, etc.
  • Crown-amplifiers, microphones, test gear, etc.
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  • Disc Makers -links, resource lists, etc., from the independent CD replicator.
  • Digital Domain -excellent articles on CD Mastering and other digital subjects by Bob Katz, plus lots of good links.
  • Dolby Laboratories Home Page -technical articles about Dolby Digital and many other subjects.
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  • EAW home page -sound reinforcement loudspeakers. A large, diverse site with many technical articles and a large links section.
  • EQ magazine -pro-audio publication.
  • Equi=Tech Index -the balanced power people, with articles on how it all works and why, plus some great links.
  • EBU: BWF user guide -the European Broadcasting Union's guide to Broadcast WAV Files--what they are and how to use them.
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  • G, H
    • Genelec -powered monitor speakers of very high quality.
    • Gold Wave -a nice WAV file editor, available as share-ware.
    • G Prime Home Page -pro-audio distributor for Micro-Tech Gefell and other manufacturers.
    • Google -the web search engine.
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    K, L

    • K-A-B Electro-Acoustics -a dealer and manufacturer specializing in equipment for analog disk playback, especially 78's, etc. (also see, Nauck)
    • John Kilgore Sound & Recording -John Kilgore, who formerly ran the recording studio for Masque Sound, now has his own place, and it remains the place to go to for Broadway sound designers or anyone needing a superb small music/voice recording studio.
    • Lentini Communications -if you are shooting a film on location in the NYC area and need to rent audio gear, one of the better rental shops.
    • Level Control Systems -a major player in theatre-sound, their systems are used in Broadway musicals and other presentations requiring automated show control.
    • Liberty Instruments Home Page -audio test gear, articles on audio testing.
    • Welcome to Lycos -web search engine.
    • Location Sound corp. -a pro-audio dealer specializing in stuff for location sound-people: portable recorders, cases, mics, etc. Lots of unusual gear.
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    N, O

    • Nauck -information and books on reproduction of historical recordings (78's, etc.), plus sales of equipment for same. Excellent resource for this area. (also see, K-A-B Electro-Acoustics)
    • Neumann Microphones -product info, applications articles, and lots of Neumann propaganda--worth a look anyway.
    • New York City Opera Online
    • NYC Music Places -find a space/studio to rehearse or perform in New York.
    • The New York Times on the Web -yes, they have articles about audio occasionally.
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    Q, R

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    • TAXI -if you are trying to promote your own band or songwriting, you'll want to check these folks out.
    • Theater Resources Unlimited -resources for theater producers and others involved in live theater in the NYC metro area.
    • Theatre-Sound Mailing List Home Page -a forum for theatre sound professionals. Info on subscribing to the list, plus books on theater sound and related subjects, and links to sites of interest, including a Manufacturers Links section with extensive links to Pro and Consumer audio manufacturers.
    • Trew Audio -Nashville-based dealer in new and used audio gear, specializing in the needs of the film-sound industry. They also send rental gear packages all over the country. And, they manufacture specialized location audio items that you can't get anywhere else.
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